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pH/ORP-540 Monitor Model:W20309 Cat.No:
pH/ORP-540 Monitor

Date2005-10-20 16:34:51


Product function

1 General
We really appreciate your selection of pH/ORP-540 monitor. It is an industrial on-line analysis and monitoring instrument. Its with various software functions, and has such features as easy installation and operation, strong anti-interference capability and little amount of maintenance work. High-accuracy temperature compensation and pH operation compensation is also adopted.
2 Functions and Main Technical Specifications
2.1 Functions
pH or ORP can be selected through menu.
Back ground LCD digital display.
Direct reading and accurate control with Micro chip for data processing Automatic or manual three-point calibration, which improves the measurement accuracy of the instrument.
It can optionally display pH mV value.
Strong anti-interference capability and automatically reset in case of power off.

2.2 Main Technical Specifications
pH measurement range 014 pH
ORP measurement range 01000mV
Resolution 0.01 pH, 1mV
Accuracy 0.05 pH, 1mV

Electrode pressure resistance: 00.6Mpa
Power supply: AC 220V10% 50Hz
Distance limit of measurement: 20m (standard configuration for electrode cable 10m). Please use pH /ORP transmitter for overlong range.
Temperature of measured solution: 080
Environment conditions: humidity: 85%/RH; no strong electro-magnetic field interference except earth magnetic field; no obvious acid or alkali mirage around .
Manual temperature compensation: 099
Outline dimensions: 4896100mm (heightwidthdepth)
Instrument panel hole: 4591mm

pH/ORP-540 Monitor Model:W20309

 pH/ORP-540 MonitorW20309
Operation shadowless lamp Model:JK7-ZF610 Cat.No:
Detailed Data
Illuminance at 1 meter distance (Lx) 60000-100000
Color Temperature (K) 4500 500
Spot diameter (MM) 100-260
Lighting Depth (MM) 600
File-level brightness dimming 8-speed sequential dimmer
Surgical field of regional temperature () 12
Surgeon head temperature () 2
Vice lights automatically switch the main switch

Power, voltage (V. HZ) ~ 220V 50HZ

Input power (W) 200

Lamp Power (W) 24V 150

Minimum installation height (MM) 2600

Color-rendering index 92

Operation shadowless lamp Model:JK7-ZF610

T:+86 10 62976691/62965544-249/13901136645/18910282270 F:+86 10 62981256